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Custom Audio

Safe and Sound

We live in a world of sophistication and convenience. Why settle for a property that’s slow and outdated? With our advanced audio solutions, we can transform your home or business office into a high-tech space that makes day-to-day life simpler and more enjoyable.

At Carolina Custom Sound and Security, we stay on top of all the latest and greatest technology developments, and always offer the most cutting-edge solutions to our customers. We partner with the best brands in audio, including Sony, Samsung and Panasonic, giving you the highest-quality sound possible.

Custom Audio Solutions

Our audio systems have a multitude of functions. Use them to advance your home security, and also to enhance your home’s entertainment capabilities. We offer:

  • Home Entertainment Systems: We’ll work with you to build your idea of the perfect home theater, complete with high-definition displays, 3D technologies and more.
  • Surround Sound:¬†With sophisticated sound processors, amplifiers and speakers, our surround sound provides an exciting audio experience like you’ve never heard before.
  • Sound Monitoring:¬†Using high-tech sound sensors, we can make it so that you can tune in and listen to any sound made in any room of your property.

For added convenience, we can sync your new audio solutions to any of our mobile-friendly security systems, so you can manage everything from your mobile device. And just think: With your phone in control, that’s just one less remote you’ll need to keep up with.

Interested in learning more about what we can do for your home or business property? Contact Carolina Custom Sound and Security today. We can discuss your specific needs, and our team will customize the right audio solution for you.