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Intrusion Defense

Control Who Comes and Goes

Live freely feeling confident your home is secure. With our top-of-the-line intruder defense systems, you’ll be the first to know the moment there’s an unexpected disturbance or unwanted visitor on your property, so you don’t have to spend another second worrying about possible security breaches.

Secure Your Home With:

  • Honeywell Motion Detectors: Using a series of complex sensors to monitor the surrounding space, these devices immediately register any entry or exit to your property.
  • Honeywell Glassbreak Detectors: These sensitive receptors “listen” for high-pitched sound waves produced by breaking class, and have a wide detection range.
  • Honeywell Keypads and Touch Screens: Control your door locks, lights and more from convenient screens and keypads throughout your home or office.

And much, much more. For more on our intrusion defense solutions, contact the Carolina Custom Sound and Security experts today. We can talk to you about your home concerns, and will suggest solutions to put your mind at ease.