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Take Control of Your Home

How connected are you with your home? What if you could know when any door is opened, when any light is turned on or when any motion is detected inside while you’re away at work or out of town? With Carolina Custom Sound and Security, it’s possible—and that’s just the beginning. Our high-tech, whole-house audio and security systems give you total control of your property, syncing straight to your smartphone so you have access wherever you go.

Turn lights off from miles away. Arm and disarm your alarm system remotely. Check in on pets while you’re at work, and keep tabs on your place while you’re off on vacation. We offer homes and businesses everything from motion detectors to 24/7 video surveillance, and can turn your property into a completely protected area. Partnering with companies like Honeywell and Kronos, we’re committed to delivering cutting-edge systems that put the power in your hands.

Services We Offer:

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