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Honeywell Security

Advanced Protection

At Carolina Custom Sound and Security, we take your safely as serious as our own. That’s why we partner only with the most sophisticated, high-quality security companies to bring you solutions that work.

Why Honeywell?

  • Honeywell offers a broad range of products, so there’s a system that can accommodate any budget or lifestyle.
  • Systems tackle numerous security issues, ensuring you have whole-house protection.
  • Integration-friendly solutions allow you to streamline several controls into one system.
  • Interfaces are user-friendly and simple enough for any member of your family to operate.
  • Mobile connectivity allows for real-time alerts via text, e-mail or video, sent straight to your phone wherever you are.

Honeywell Security Systems

If you’re interested in learning more about Honeywell Security systems, or are curious about services that may not be listed here, contact the N.C. safety experts at Carolina Custom Sound and Security today. We can arrange for a free in-home estimate at your convenience.