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Access Control

Your Property, Your Rules

When it comes to securing your home or business office from the outside, you want the strongest lock possible. That’s where Access Control solutions come in. Taking the place of traditional lock-and-key security, these systems use advanced technology to monitor and manage all entry points to your property. Whether you have one door or multiple doors, you’ll have complete control over who has access and who doesn’t, safeguarding your property against unauthorized access wherever it may be vulnerable. Control is at your fingertips.

Access Control for the Home

Take full control over who comes and goes in your property, and protect your family, your possessions and your home from unauthorized access.

  • Honeywell Electronic Keypads: These grant access to your property through your own programmable security code.
  • Honeywell Intercom Systems: Visitors can buzz through, and you can grant or deny access through a number of entry points.

Access Control for Businesses

Keep your employees, company assets, sensitive information and more safe. In addition to providing convenient and secure keyless entry for authorized parties, saving you key costs, our access control systems can also help you track employee activity and movement, providing a helpful monitoring tool.

  • Honeywell Remote Access Control: These systems allow you to monitor visitor entry from an off-site location, either by an internet browser, mobile device or dedicated control panel.
  • Employee Identification Features: With a number of our access control systems, you can also assign IDs to each employee for activity monitoring.
  • Honeywell Virtual Loop Technology: One of Honeywell’s newest developments, this access control technology utilizes your own IP address for quick, convenient installation.
  • Honeywell HandKey Reader: Using complex biometric reading technology to identify authorized parties, these readers grant or deny access in less than a second.

When it comes to your property’s security, peace of mind is priceless. If you’re interested in learning more about Carolina Custom Sound and Security’s access control offerings, contact our team today. We’re ready to help you protect your space.